How to Clean Your Pond with a Pond Vacuum Cleaner?

How to Clean Your Pond with a Pond Vacuum Cleaner?

A pond is really something beautiful. And, so many people are dreaming about having their own ponds. However, because cleaning a pond can be such hard work, they don’t even consider installing a pond.

The thing is that there are now a couple of pond vacuum cleaners available that you can use for cleaning your pond. Making cleaning so much easier.

How do these pond vacuum cleaners work, and will it be easy to use? This is everything that you need to know about pond vacuum cleaners.

How does a pond vacuum cleaner works?

How does a pond vacuum cleaner works? Is it similar to an aquarium cleaner, or are the pond vacuum different?

The vacuum for ponds is different. It sucks up the water, clean it through the filter, and drains the clean water out again. You can let the clean water go directly into the pond again, or you can drain it into your garden if you want to add clean water to your pond. This will make sure that all debris and sludge will stay behind in the vacuum.

Is it really effective to clean the pond with a vacuum cleaner?

This is a question that many pond owners are asking. Is it really effective to clean the pond with the pond vacuum cleaner? Or are this just another way for people to make money?

Depending on the type of vacuum cleaner that you have purchased and the quality of the vacuum, it can really be effective to clean the pond. Especially, if this is just the water that is filthy.

You still might want to clean out the bottom of the pond, if there are too many algae in the water. You should want to invest in a quality vacuum cleaner if you have a large pond.

What about the fish in the pond?

What about the fish in the pond? Will it scare the fish and will it suck the fish up? There are many pond owners that have delicate fish in their ponds. Fish that can die when it is getting scared. And, small fish that can get sucked up easily.

Depending on the type of pond you have, the type of fish that you have, and the vacuum that you have purchased, you will not hurt your fish. Some people have a pond that has stones where the fish can hide. And, this can protect them from the vacuum.

Larger fish won’t be able to get sucked in. Most vacuums are designed to protect the fish. Only water can be sucked in. Again, this is why you should consider purchasing a higher quality pond vacuum cleaner. If you are afraid to hurt your fish, you can catch them, and put them in a bucket of the pond water.

Guide in using a pond vacuum cleaner

Using a pond vacuum cleaner

This is the basic guide on how you can use the pond vacuum cleaner to clean out the pond.

  • You should place the vacuum cleaner about 6 1/2 feet from the pond’s edge in the water.
  • Put the discharged hose where you want to throw the water from the vacuum cleaner out. Some prefer the lawn, some prefer the garden, while others are putting the clean water back into the pond.
  • Vacuum the water, using slow movements. Continue with this method until you have sucked up all the dirt, or until you are satisfied with how the pond looks. If you drain the water away from the pond, you should leave about 1/3 of the water in the pond for the fish to survive.
  • Filling up the pond with water again, until it reached the maximum water level.
  • Clean out the vacuum and throw the sludge away. Great to use the sludge in your garden.

It is getting easier and easier to clean out your pond. Especially, if you are purchasing one of the best pond vacuum cleaners you can find. With this guide, you will get to know more about the vacuum cleaner, and you will know how to use the vacuum cleaner correctly. This is going to make having a pond so much better and easier. No more hours of working in the sun to get the pond clean anymore.

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